1. Risk

From the recording Saturated


Will I risk or stay safe?
Will I dare to be brave?
Will I simply conform?
My authenticy torn?

Will I run with the truth
Or pretend not to see?
And ignore all these facts
And continue this act?

Petrified and in denial we're ashamed to live out who we are
It seems as though this inward journey for most of us stretches much too far

So is life just a cage
Or a cold empty stage?
Will we simply conform,
Our authenticy torn?
Are we kings of charades
In a fool's masquerade?
Crowned with pretense
For exchanged innocence?

Justifying and inventing reasons to participate in this lie
For the cost involved in truly living to the full is much too high

So rather not pursue your dreams
The risk's too high or so its seems
Rather settle for second best
At least you'll blend in with the rest
They say conformity's the way to go
But it'll kill your dreams painfully slow
And the day that you turn 80 years
Your eyes are to cold to contain those tears

Will I risk or stay safe?